The Girl Behind The Gear

Food photographer since 2008. A home-baker since forever.

Being a home-baker myself takes a huge chunk in my food photography works. They mostly promote simplicity, embracing food in its native environment, which often translates as my excuse for being messy. I use humble gear and props, exploit them to their best. Do not expect a glam photo session. Expect stunning result instead, I might surprise you.

I double­-role as food stylist when needed, although if you have a not­-so-­tight budget, you might consider taking the help from any of my fellow food stylists to assist me working faster.

If you like any of my works, l’ll be at your disposal.
If you like to have a friend who bakes darn good chocolate cookies,
let’s have a purply afternoon tea and forget about work.

Drop me a line:

WA: 087775956311 (
Email: [email protected]