The Girl Behind The Gear

Food photographer since 2008. A home-baker since forever.

So.. do I impress you? 🙂

Being a baker myself takes a huge chunk in my food and product photography work. My style mostly promotes simplicity and naturality, embracing food in its native environment. I use very humble gear and props and exploit them to their best. Do not expect a glam photo session. Expect stunning result instead, I might surprise you.

I work together with a stylist to assist me working faster and hopefully produce better result. Plus I will have someone alongside with me to share silly thoughts and laugh on them.

If you like any of my works, l’ll be at your disposal.

If you like to have a friend who bakes darn good cookies, let’s have a purply afternoon tea and forget about work.

Drop me a line:

WA: 087775956311 (
Email: [email protected]